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Watch the video to discover why I decided to create How to Step Out of Grief and Bloom Course. After going through my own grief, I realize that many people did not understand what is happening to them and may need help to process grief in the privacy of their own home. I shared the course and journal with a group of individuals who suffered the loss of loved ones to see how this would help make a difference in their lives. I was surprised at the testimonies that poured in and how lives are being changed; so, today, I am sharing these resources with you to make a difference in your life.

This course will help you to:

  • Learn techniques for overcoming grief including depression
  • Learn how to take care of you after a loss
  • Learn how to get back into a normal routine
  • Learn how to spot depression before it destroys your life
  • Learn how to be hopeful again
  • Understand the grieving process
  • Learn where you are in your grief
  • Learn how to move through grief successfully

The Grief Journal

is packed with step by step instruction to help you in your daily life. It has activities that will help you to overcome grief. You will love this journal that was created specifically for people who are grieving; you will not find this journal anywhere else.

Themes Covered in this All Colorful over 200 page-Journal Include:

  • Steps in Self-Check
  • The Beautiful Window Inspiration Care

  • Forgiveness
  • Laughter
  • Holiday
  • Letters


“Using the tools in this course, helped me turn my life around, and finally take steps to end my grief. It was hard for me as a man, to admit that I was grieving, or even to use a journal, but I am glad for this course and the journal. This is my first journal and I will not do without it. These resources can help anyone; you don’t have to be ashamed.”
-John K.
“I am happy for the first time in months because I got very depressed from grieving, and I thought I would have to be on antidepressants for the rest of my life. But this course helps me to process grief and I am getting back to my old self again with a clear pain-free mind and no antidepressants. Thank God for the journal; this journal helps me to stay organize and it shows me what I can do each day to get out of this depression over my grief. I have been following the steps successfully and I am now sharing with my neighbor and bought one of the journals for her.” God bless you Diana.
-Jenni Lawson
“This is the first time I ever take a course, and I cried after just the first lesson because I get to totally see myself and my grief in a brand new way. I learned so much about grieving but also about what was happening to me that I could not explain before. This course helps me and right now I am using the journal too; this is the best journal I ever own because it is made for people who are grieving and it gives me daily steps to do that really helps me every day. Even the pictures cheer me up. Thank you. Thank you.” -Mary-anne Jonstin.
-Mary-anne Jonstin.

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June 17, 2020

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Grief Journal $99

Get it FREE with Order Today

You’ll discover the true secret to adjusting your perspective to remain positive through the negativity.

In the future, you will have the tools for helping yourself if you need them.

You can also help others if they are going through this situation.

I want everybody to have access to this course and be able to take control of their life.

Nobody should have to suffer when it comes to grief and loss.

Trust me, at one time I was struggling and was hopeless without anyone or anything to guide

This super detailed grief conquering course takes a unique approach to providing a system for
ANYBODY and EVERYBODY wanting to overcome grief and improve their life.

You will learn exactly how to address your grief, keep a positive mindset overall, decrease the
negative habits and behaviors, and give yourself the tools you need to overcome the grief in
your life.

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About the author:

Diana Rowe is an educator, author of six books, life coach, and crisis intervention mentor. She has many years of experience serving her community as teacher, principal, consultant and more. Ms. Rowe has B.S. in Org. Management, Certificate in Counseling, M.S. in education, and is a doctoral candidate. Ms. Rowe has a passion to help people to succeed and make positive contribution to the building up of our society.